Sunday, November 9, 2008

What is going on guys? everything/everyone seems so distraught lately. all sorts of people around me. myself at times. more and more I see people just struggle day by day. who knows. I try my best to believe in the new day and put yesterdays troubles behind me for the greater good.

to all in deep frustrations, just take a deep breath and remember that this is only a moment in life and not your life itself. it helps me, so that's what I have to give as advice.


I've been busy busy busy. walgreens keeps eating up my time. and no matter how much of that green I generate, all of it is gone to bills and all sorts of debt. frustrating, but hopefully one day I will be back to a good balance. ever since they changed me to night shifts, my scheduling has been rough, I tend to stay up. but after work, most of it is spent fucking around not really making much of anything, and then I get up too late to do much before I have to be at work again. I've got a list of projects that need to get done, and hopefully I can eventually start using my time better.

I am still an artist and you best believe I at least  get a daily doodle in. though most of it is at work, so I end up throwing it away. but maybe I should keep em. we'll see.

not much else to update. just to let you guys know I'm still alive just trying to keep myself above ground.


also to my fellow fake-humans, check this collective out. Cadaver Esquisito beautiful work.

peace brah's and brah'ettes