Saturday, May 31, 2008


just when I thought I dodged the draft and made it to greater living, scott peters is no longer gonna be at KCAI and now I only hope that we don't have to learn from liz again.

this summer is starting off with all sorts of bad news.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

dang, so lets reflect

lets get a little serious. 

so I got my end of semester review from my professor.

nothing I didn't already know was mentioned, but with that said it is obvious that need to think about things out loud, or at least as far as this blogger goes, which can be pretty far sometimes.

here's the deal, I am attending Kansas City Art Institute's School of Design to major in Animation. when I first applied here, I checked off Illustration first, then Animation second. With the removal of the Illustration program and the fact that I really wanted to be an animator. Now, I chose animation because I feel like illustration is something I can always maintain on the side, but when the tough gets going and push comes to shove, my haven from animation turns to the pleasure of focussing on one single image, creating stroke after stroke. when I am in my liberal arts classes, I doodle, I don't bust out some sheets of  papers and animate. Maybe it's just the flexibility of illustration that catches me; It doesn't demands of me more then I demand of it. Maybe it's because I'm new to animation. 

The other side is that I don't think in single images. Sometimes I wish on creating a film that shows visuals exactly how I think about them. When I think of a character I let if struggle in my mind for it's own meaning, imagining how it is gonna fumble around and move. I think that's where my drive to animate comes in. I want to create, and sometimes that part of me doesn't get satisfied till I see something move, something I experienced for the first time this school year. I didn't even want to say it at first but it felt like I was God giving life. That was a feeling that I know was worth all the frames.

So what is my problem? I don't know, I can't decide. Granted, there's a possibility in character design and development, but is that really it? I don't know, but sometimes it sounds right sometimes it doesn't. Maybe next year, when I feel like animations isn't such a foreign thing. or maybe I should just animate, and see how that goes. That's what logic tells me, but through my "Hiatus" I've been doodling and working on a drawing in photoshop. 

who knows. lets see this one out. for my own sake, I need to focus, and learn to channel what I want faster. because I know it's there, I feel like it is, I see that it is, but the connection from mind to paper is never really as ready as I want it to be.

way to break the place in huh? this is just me, feel free to ignore. I just need to get this out of my system.

Hiatus Must

right now I'm taking a break. I need room to do some summer cleaning in the old noggin' so just hanging around. I'll post some stuff soon. 

working on a character. I think it's essential.

so this marks the beginning of this blog. lets take this idea for a run. I think that sounds like a good plan.