Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I know

I know it's been a minute. but I just wanted to share this track I made hanging out with Dan Matic. dude let me freak his equipment and I made this.

Sunday Nite Slpops by OhSo

I had lots of fun.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Arts and Music

So here's some of the designs I had for silk screens. I put these together for the purpose of uploading.

I like how they all came out, which is why I wanted to upload them.

Last night I had a good drawing sesh with B-Moody, DeAndre, Daniella, Allegra, with a momentary appearance of Daniel a.k.a. Nez. I need to scan the drawings and put em up here. should have probably done that before hand.

So hopefully I get more consistent with uploading which means I will try to make stuff to upload.


So I have been doing some music hunting lately, after Prefuse 73's

Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian

and then Guillermo Herron ALSO released a cd with the drummer from Hella, Zack Hill

Diamond Watch Wrist

as well as Passion Pit's

I decided to find some more music, never too much music.

With Passion Pit being the most recent, some of the new music has been around the same genre.

First we have Black kids - Partie Traumatic

This album is actually a year old, but I'm glad I found it. Here's two songs from that album
(embeded was disabled on these videos...lame)

Black Kids - Look At Me (When I Rock Wichoo)


Black Kids - Hurricane Jane

really catchy music, a little bit off sometime, but good listening and dancing music. also another old cd I found was from 2007 from a group called Hail Social

Hail Social - Heaven

not as good as Black Kids but I thought I'd share.

Something a little more abstract and instrumental, I found Caural, which made beats for Diverse. Good music, but I couldn't find any good videos on youtube. you want, look up Caural - Make Us Invisible. One of his better songs.

Last but not least, I found out that Guillermo Herron (Prefuse 73) Produced a new group called VoicesVoices, which consist of two Canadian gals whom can really play some instruments. Their CD will be released sometime late august or early septembre, so keep an eye out. Here's a video of a rough cut of a song off of their previous E.P. before teaming up with Herron. I can definitely see the potential.

that's it for now. I've been Steaming some Beef for about 4 hours that I had marinating for about 2 days before and it smells awesome. We are making chimichangas tonight. and they will be the best in the world. Just gotta make the rice and cook some ground beef.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I Promise

First and fore most I'd like to thank all that took the time to vote for my t-shirt design. It didn't win anything, but there's a lot of talent at designed by humans that I underestimated.

The semester ended nicely, lots of work created and I now have a sketchbook that I made which I am afraid to draw in. It feels like going back and adding to an old drawing, or like teaching an old dog new tricks. So for now I'm gonna have to put it away for a bit before I'm ok with drawing in it.

Been getting shit together, and I swear there is artwork to be shown, but the internet I am stealing keeps crapping out on uploads to blogger.

I do plan on revamping my blog up and at least keeping up with people's blogs. I never put people's blogs on my RS feed so I always have to go to people's individual pages.

well, it's almost 5 am so I'll leave you guys with this bit of humor;

Chola Make-Up

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Help A Brotha' Out!

Yo peeps. this is some shameless advertising and hopefully gets you guys to vote for me!

I submitted a design to Designed By Hümans . com

Take 5

Go there and vote please!

It's a design I still haven't uploaded up here officially which lets you peep into some of the stuff I have been holding back on. There's 4 more other designs but I'm giving this one a test run since money is a possibility.

so pleeeaaassseee. help me maybe find a way to pay for college next semester! lol. fo real though. throw me some love!

thanks in advance,
with all my love and care,
from gansta' to gansta',
human to human,
college student to college student,


p.s. summer is coming up, I gonna really try to be more active this time. so those whom I need to catch up on, lets have some coffee, or late night cold ones.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Hopefully today I have proven that I am wiser. a better person than I was a year from now, and hopefully much more of everything since my years past. I am officially "grown," which to me only means that the fun of gathering booze is gone and it's no longer a struggle.

unfortunately I feel like there is much more I should have gathered, and found out about myself. I feel like what ever test I was given: especially as I journeyed to complete my 21 years of life, was still not passed.

but life goes which means problems and answers come and go but I just have to make sure I keep gathering and learning the most I can of everything.

on a more productive note, I feel like I HAVE been doing alot, just not much to show for it..yet. but it's there, and that has kept me going.

Soon I will start sharing my ridiculous experiences at walgreens. I just can't believe how dumb some of the poeple that walk into the store can get.

Monday, February 9, 2009


" The result is that a thousand years later we can read poems that remain absolutely accurate and moving descriptions of our most common and central experiences: love and loss, their reflections in the loveliness and transience of the natural world, and the effort to better understand the nature of being. We turn to these poems not to discover the past, but in order to experience the present more deeply. In this way they satisfy the test of any great literature, for it is our own lives we find illuminated in them."
- Jane Hirshfield

this is probably the only bit of text that has honestly just left me in awe, especially coming from a reading for a class. just thought I'd share. Might not seem as cool to those of you which read more than me, but it's nice. plus it defends poetry pretty well.

I will update later with an actual update on my life.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

What is going on guys? everything/everyone seems so distraught lately. all sorts of people around me. myself at times. more and more I see people just struggle day by day. who knows. I try my best to believe in the new day and put yesterdays troubles behind me for the greater good.

to all in deep frustrations, just take a deep breath and remember that this is only a moment in life and not your life itself. it helps me, so that's what I have to give as advice.


I've been busy busy busy. walgreens keeps eating up my time. and no matter how much of that green I generate, all of it is gone to bills and all sorts of debt. frustrating, but hopefully one day I will be back to a good balance. ever since they changed me to night shifts, my scheduling has been rough, I tend to stay up. but after work, most of it is spent fucking around not really making much of anything, and then I get up too late to do much before I have to be at work again. I've got a list of projects that need to get done, and hopefully I can eventually start using my time better.

I am still an artist and you best believe I at least  get a daily doodle in. though most of it is at work, so I end up throwing it away. but maybe I should keep em. we'll see.

not much else to update. just to let you guys know I'm still alive just trying to keep myself above ground.


also to my fellow fake-humans, check this collective out. Cadaver Esquisito beautiful work.

peace brah's and brah'ettes