Monday, February 16, 2009


Hopefully today I have proven that I am wiser. a better person than I was a year from now, and hopefully much more of everything since my years past. I am officially "grown," which to me only means that the fun of gathering booze is gone and it's no longer a struggle.

unfortunately I feel like there is much more I should have gathered, and found out about myself. I feel like what ever test I was given: especially as I journeyed to complete my 21 years of life, was still not passed.

but life goes which means problems and answers come and go but I just have to make sure I keep gathering and learning the most I can of everything.

on a more productive note, I feel like I HAVE been doing alot, just not much to show for it..yet. but it's there, and that has kept me going.

Soon I will start sharing my ridiculous experiences at walgreens. I just can't believe how dumb some of the poeple that walk into the store can get.

Monday, February 9, 2009


" The result is that a thousand years later we can read poems that remain absolutely accurate and moving descriptions of our most common and central experiences: love and loss, their reflections in the loveliness and transience of the natural world, and the effort to better understand the nature of being. We turn to these poems not to discover the past, but in order to experience the present more deeply. In this way they satisfy the test of any great literature, for it is our own lives we find illuminated in them."
- Jane Hirshfield

this is probably the only bit of text that has honestly just left me in awe, especially coming from a reading for a class. just thought I'd share. Might not seem as cool to those of you which read more than me, but it's nice. plus it defends poetry pretty well.

I will update later with an actual update on my life.