Thursday, April 30, 2009

Help A Brotha' Out!

Yo peeps. this is some shameless advertising and hopefully gets you guys to vote for me!

I submitted a design to Designed By Hümans . com

Take 5

Go there and vote please!

It's a design I still haven't uploaded up here officially which lets you peep into some of the stuff I have been holding back on. There's 4 more other designs but I'm giving this one a test run since money is a possibility.

so pleeeaaassseee. help me maybe find a way to pay for college next semester! lol. fo real though. throw me some love!

thanks in advance,
with all my love and care,
from gansta' to gansta',
human to human,
college student to college student,


p.s. summer is coming up, I gonna really try to be more active this time. so those whom I need to catch up on, lets have some coffee, or late night cold ones.