Friday, June 12, 2009

I Promise

First and fore most I'd like to thank all that took the time to vote for my t-shirt design. It didn't win anything, but there's a lot of talent at designed by humans that I underestimated.

The semester ended nicely, lots of work created and I now have a sketchbook that I made which I am afraid to draw in. It feels like going back and adding to an old drawing, or like teaching an old dog new tricks. So for now I'm gonna have to put it away for a bit before I'm ok with drawing in it.

Been getting shit together, and I swear there is artwork to be shown, but the internet I am stealing keeps crapping out on uploads to blogger.

I do plan on revamping my blog up and at least keeping up with people's blogs. I never put people's blogs on my RS feed so I always have to go to people's individual pages.

well, it's almost 5 am so I'll leave you guys with this bit of humor;

Chola Make-Up


sushi_the_pug said...

WOOOOW What was that video!?!?! lol I really hope that make up is not for real!!!!!! lololol!

jonathan.lane said...

get on gmail so we csn talk.

my shit is