Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Arts and Music

So here's some of the designs I had for silk screens. I put these together for the purpose of uploading.

I like how they all came out, which is why I wanted to upload them.

Last night I had a good drawing sesh with B-Moody, DeAndre, Daniella, Allegra, with a momentary appearance of Daniel a.k.a. Nez. I need to scan the drawings and put em up here. should have probably done that before hand.

So hopefully I get more consistent with uploading which means I will try to make stuff to upload.


So I have been doing some music hunting lately, after Prefuse 73's

Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian

and then Guillermo Herron ALSO released a cd with the drummer from Hella, Zack Hill

Diamond Watch Wrist

as well as Passion Pit's

I decided to find some more music, never too much music.

With Passion Pit being the most recent, some of the new music has been around the same genre.

First we have Black kids - Partie Traumatic

This album is actually a year old, but I'm glad I found it. Here's two songs from that album
(embeded was disabled on these videos...lame)

Black Kids - Look At Me (When I Rock Wichoo)


Black Kids - Hurricane Jane

really catchy music, a little bit off sometime, but good listening and dancing music. also another old cd I found was from 2007 from a group called Hail Social

Hail Social - Heaven

not as good as Black Kids but I thought I'd share.

Something a little more abstract and instrumental, I found Caural, which made beats for Diverse. Good music, but I couldn't find any good videos on youtube. you want, look up Caural - Make Us Invisible. One of his better songs.

Last but not least, I found out that Guillermo Herron (Prefuse 73) Produced a new group called VoicesVoices, which consist of two Canadian gals whom can really play some instruments. Their CD will be released sometime late august or early septembre, so keep an eye out. Here's a video of a rough cut of a song off of their previous E.P. before teaming up with Herron. I can definitely see the potential.

that's it for now. I've been Steaming some Beef for about 4 hours that I had marinating for about 2 days before and it smells awesome. We are making chimichangas tonight. and they will be the best in the world. Just gotta make the rice and cook some ground beef.


jonathan.lane said...

nice drawings.

Buster said...

Awesome Osciel. Next time I do a porch-n-draw, bring some drawing materials, and we'll get DOWN, NAMEAN!!!!!!!1111!!!11oneone!!!111!!